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connectAbility WA – Specialist Disability Support

We are a registered provider with the NDIS.

Our team use their skills, knowledge and experience to support people to connect with the services they want.

We help our clients to develop the skills they need to achieve their goals so that disability will never be a barrier. 

We work with you, your family, carers and other support services so that you get the most out of your NDIS plan.  

We visit you wherever you choose, at home, work, or in your local community; whichever is best for you.

connectAbility WA is person centred. We focus on you and your needs.

We are a small boutique service bringing together the right people to create an individual team for you.

Specialist Support Coordination

Our support coordinators help people to build the skills they need to use their NDIS plan and learn how to make the most of their opportunities.

Support coordinators at connectAbility WA  work with you to help you understand your NDIS plan.

We ensure you have the supports you need to increase capacity, maintain relationships, manage services, live more independently and be included in your community.

Our support coordinators assist you to manage challenges and ensure the best services are available for you to lead the life you choose.

connectAbility WA‘s specialist support coordinators have many years of experience working with people whose situations are more complex and who need specialised help.

We focus on connecting you to the services you need and negotiating with your chosen providers to get the best value from your plan.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapists help you work, rest and play

connectAbility WA OTs provide occupational therapy assessment and interventions to support people with disabilities achieve their goals from early childhood and throughout life.

This includes;

  • Functional Assessment that will support the development of plan goals and advise on options for support and services. This includes using standardised assessments and writing reports to the NDIS
  • Assessments to assist with finding the right home for you as well as the best supports to meet your needs
  • Prescription of assistive technology/equipment that will help you meet your goals and advise on helpful home modifications
  • Therapy programs to maximize function and independence
  • Collaborate with you and your team to support  positive outcomes for you.

Positive Behaviour Support

Positive Behaviour Support helps people with a reputation for behaviours of concern to develop skills, improve their quality of life and reduce behaviours that limit their access to every day activities.

connectAbility WA PBS practitioners work closely with you, your family and carers, supporters and other stakeholders to;

  • gain a shared understanding of you, your strengths and your needs,
  • work to reduce behaviours of concern through the process,
  • work with your team to identify and reduce the use of any restrictive practices,
connectAbility WA is committed to the values and principles stated in the UN Convention on the rights of people with disabilities

Disability will never be a barrier

Specialist Support

connectAbility WA are disability support specialists


connectAbility WA connects you to the services you need


connectAbility WA helps
to develop your skills to achieve